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Best Puzzle Feeders

As Basenji owners we have tried a few different feeders, and would love to share our thoughts about what we believe are the best puzzle feeders, so if you’d like to learn more please read on…

Slow down your speedy eater

A puzzle feeder is a great way to slow down a dog that tends to scarf their food down quickly, but it does more than that. Puzzle feeders challenge a dog’s mind, making them think and solve a puzzle. They actually enjoy this because it makes eating fun!

In this video, we demonstrate how we fill and serve the puzzle feeder to our two Basenjis Zinga and Zulu.

Make Them Think

Puzzle feeders will cause your dog to go into hunting mode, as they forage and search for their food – similar to the way they would in the wild. It keeps their mind sharp, and brings them happiness. The paw puzzles shown here are only one of many different kinds available.

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Different levels of challenge

We have used a few different puzzles, and some are rather easy, while others are much more difficult. Be sure to choose a suitable difficulty level for your dog. You want them to be challenged, but not frustrated.

Get One Today

If you would like to explore some of the puzzle feeders that are available, here are some links to help you:


Easy Puzzle Feeder


Medium Puzzle Feeder image


Difficult Puzzle Feeder image
Best Puzzle Feeders