The barkless dog from Africa

Many people know the Basenji as the dog that doesn’t bark. But did you know that they actually can? It’s difficult but some of them can get a quick bark out if they get excited. Ginger Snap had a warning bark which she’d sometimes get out when someone new came to the door. In spite of this, I wouldn’t recommend the Basenji as a guard dog. They’re more likely to roll over for a belly rub than to chase away a stranger! 😛

Basenji’s are very cat-like, so they’re great for someone who wants a quiet, clean, intelligent dog. If you are used to cats, it’ll be an easy transition, since you’re already used to animals that may only listen when they want to. 🤣

The Basenji truly is a wonderful breed, and we wouldn’t want any other. They’re unique, and have their special challenges just like all breeds do, so do your research and make sure they’re the right breed for you. If you decide to get one, please consider adopting.

Here are a few resources where you can get more info on the breed:

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