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Low Calorie Dog Treats

It’s always good to monitor your dog’s caloric intake, to avoid weight issues, so when choosing the best dog treats, prefer ones that are lower in calories. If they haven’t tried cucumber yet, you might find that your dog loves it. Ours love to do tricks for cucumber! It’s low in calories and sugar, and will help keep them hydrated too.

Fresh Fish Skin Dog Treats

Whenever we buy fresh fish from Whole Foods Market, we have them take the skin off for us and include it in the package. We cut it up into small pieces and give it to Zinga and Zulu as a special treat! Sometimes we will leave it on the fish and give it to them after it’s cooked. Watch Zinga and Zulu do tricks for fish skin!

Fresh Cucumber

Fresh cucumber is the treat we give them the most, since it’s low in calories and sugar. They love to do tricks for their cucumber and it’s a good training aid, because you can give more of it without so much concern about calories.

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We will occasionally give peas as a treat. They’re higher in sugar, so we don’t like to give them as often, but for variety, peas are a good option.

Fresh Apple

Each morning, we have apple, and so do Zinga and Zulu. They look forward to it with great anticipation! Apple is higher in sugar, so we limit how much we give to them, but they absolutely love it! Watch Zinga and Zulu do tricks for apple!

Dried Apple Treats

best dog treats - dried apple

Sometimes Zinga and Zulu get dried apple treats from Wholesome Pride. It’s nice and chewy, and is an extra special fun treat for them.

Dried Apple Slices

Best Dog Treats