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The Best Pet Cam

Wyze Cam v3

We were looking for the best pet cam, and when we first found the Wyze company, we were intrigued. They were a new company offering internet connected cameras at a really reasonable price. We did some research to make sure that they were trustworthy, and that their security was solid. We have since purchased several for use in and around our home.

The Best Pet Cam has cloud storage

Wyze cameras come with built in cloud storage, although you need to pay for more than about 12 seconds of it. That is generally enough to see what moved, which is really only needed for monitoring outside your home. If you’re just wanting to watch your pets, the real-time streaming feature is the main thing you’ll use.

The Best Pet Cam has onboard storage

There is also a micro SD slot so you can record to the device privately – with sound. Using this, you can capture all motion events to review later. If you’ve ever wanted to see what your pets are up to during the day when you’re not there, now you can!

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Real-time HD Streaming

You can be alerted on your phone any time there is motion in the house, and immediately look in to see how your pets are doing. This can be very valuable if you are concerned about them being anxious or getting into trouble while you are away.

2 Way Audio

The Wyze Cam functions as a two-way audio link as well, so if your pet is misbehaving, you can get their attention and distract them, or sooth them with the sound of your voice.

Easy Set Up

The camera can be set up easily, and sitting on any flat surface, can be angled as needed to capture the whole room. You can also mount it to a vertical surface or upside down using the included magnetic plate.

Available Models

Wyze makes a few different cameras available. Here are some of them:

Best Pet Cam – Wyze Cam