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The Best Dog Food We’ve Ever Used

Best Dog Food - Avoderm

We have tried a few different dog foods over the years. From store brands to raw diet, and a few others. But when we found AvoDerm we knew we had found the best dog food for our Basenjis.

Best Dog Food – Rotating Diet

One of the things we like about AvoDerm is that it is made so that you can swap out the flavors as often as you’d like. This helps avoid boredom, although I don’t think ours would really care if they were eating the same food all the time – as long as the food kept coming! The problem with most dog foods is that when you switch brands, and sometimes even flavors within a brand, you have to blend the old with the new to switch them over gradually, or they might have digestive issues. The way AvoDerm is designed, you don’t have to worry about that at all. We recommend their 4 lb bags, to avoid staleness. We usually buy about 6 4 lb bags at a time.

Many Flavors To Choose From

Available in a variety of flavors, like beef, salmon, lamb, and duck, we haven’t found a flavor the dogs don’t love!

Why this ad?

Best Dog Food – No Chicken

That’s right – AvoDerm does not have chicken in it, and it says so right on the bag. (Unless you buy chicken flavor, of course) I’m not sure if that’s considered a filler, or a cheap meat, but some dogs are sensitive to it. Zulu and Zinga’s breeder warned us that they didn’t do well with chicken, so we have always avoided it.

Avocado For A Shiny Coat

The word is right in the name. It has avocado in it, and we definitely notice a difference in how shiny Zinga and Zulu’s fur is. It seemed to get shinier and healthier after we started feeding it to them.

Best Dog Food