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Here are some examples of what a Basenji Baroo sounds like. It can be a soft sound, or even sound like an air raid siren!

The Different Sounds of the Basenji Baroo

In this video, you will hear several examples of the various sounds of the Basenji Baroo. However, please be sure to visit our YouTube channel for more!

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Extreme Basenji Baroo

In the following video, you’ll hear Basenji Ginger Snap do her incredible, world famous Basenji Baroo that sounds like an air raid siren! Some say it’s annoying, but we say it’s amazing!

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About Basenjis

Basenjis come from Africa. They have been used there as hunting dogs because they don’t bark! This allows them to quietly flush out prey from the underbrush. Because Basenjis are very cat-like, they will clean themselves like a cat, and exhibit many similar mannerisms. So to learn more about the Basenji, visit our About Basenjis page.

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About Zinga and Zulu

Basenji Baroo sound

Our current two Basenjis Zinga and Zulu love going on adventures with us! Learn more about them by visiting their pages.

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Basenji Baroo