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What Does A Basenji Sound Like?

The Basenji sound varies from none at all to quite extreme, so read on to learn more about them! We have had 4 different basenjis, and we know exactly what they can sound like.

Basenji Sound #1: The Baroo

A Basenji sound that you might hear is called a “baroo”. The baroo is a softer sound that varies in both volume and tone. Some Basenjis barely make any sound at all, while others can get rather vocal when they are excited.

This is actually a “baroo” sound…

Basenji Sound #2: The Yodel

Ginger Snap was a champion “yodeller”

On the more extreme end of the sound spectrum for Basenjis is what we call a yodel. Most would call it a howl, but we hear music, not noise.

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Why Do Basenjis Baroo and Yodel?

Just like us, Basenjis get excited sometimes. With Ginger and Graham, we found that the only times they ever made noise was when they got excited. Like when we got home after being away for a while. They would also do it when we encouraged it, but they never just randomly made noise for no reason.

The Silent Basenji

Some Basenjis make little to no sound at all. Zinga and Zulu are great examples of this. The most we ever hear from them are little grunting noises, or loud yawns. So just because you have a basenji doesn’t mean you’ll have to deal with noise all the time.

What About My Neighbors?

You may be wondering if a Basenji is the right dog for you, if you live in an apartment or condo. We lived in both a condo and an apartment when we had vocal Basenjis and never once had any issues. It’s a matter of making sure your Basenji is comfortable being home alone. Once they are, they won’t have any reason to baroo or yodel.

Should I Get A Basenji?

That is definitely a topic for another article, but you should not let the possibility that they can make some noise factor into your decision. The Basenji is a wonderful dog, and will bring much joy to your life!

The Basenji Sound
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